EVENTUS Audio’s Philosophy

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The main aim of EVENTUS Audio is to realize best quality audio product not only through the construction of a loudspeaker with a good “workmanship” and good quality sound, but through a relationship with the final Customer and the Retailer.

Each element or part of the loudspeaker receives a detailed attention in the planning and realization phases. The drivers, the binding posts, the internal wiring, the crossover, the steel spikes, the packing, the manual are the result of careful analysis to offer always a better quality in every project. The look (design) of each model comes from the main idea to offer a special “object” easy to set in every environment. A loudspeaker is not only an instrument to reproduce a music but it’s also an element that must “lives” in the Customer’s home without trauma!

For this reason it’s always possible to ask an EVENTUS Audio loudspeaker with the preferred colors combination in order to create a good look and design for every house.

The sound of EVENTUS Audio is countersigned for his composure and his neutrality, it’s the result of exact choices in the design phase.

The loudspeaker must return the original signal without adding or removing anything! For this reason exist the SACC Technology and EA-HDR material for the cabinet.

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